Managing API Security in the Connected Digital Economy

Category: Application Programming Interface   |   Presented By: Akana

Managing API Security in the Connected Digital Economy

Managing API security in digital economy provides the capabilities you need to bring systems together, enhancing security and regulatory compliance, deliver better customer experiences faster and capitalize on new opportunities.

So how can you successfully build and manage your APIs security in the digital economy?

This whitepaper outlines the source of security risks with application program interfaces, and how to eliminate them in the digital economy. It addresses questions like:

  • What are the major API security concerns? How to ensure secure API use in the enterprise?

  • What are the API security testing tools and methodologies?

  • How to minimize cloud API security risks?

Inside this whitepaper:

  • Common API security mistakes- and how to avoid them

  • A Missed Opportunity: Securing the API Consumer

  • Best API Security Practices in digital economy

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