FullContact: Fully-Connected Contact Management

Scott Brave, CTO
In today’s competitive economy, an effective contact management system can help businesses connect with prospects and customers. But CRM systems can become contact silos often containing wrong information or different contact information for the same people. Companies also struggle to acquire and update enough contact information to form a complete profile for every prospect or customer. Based in Denver, CO, FullContact offers a range of powerful Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and apps to help enterprises and professionals unify, synchronize, update, and enrich their contacts across systems, devices, and teams. Organizations can use FullContact’s APIs to unify and resolve identities between databases, structure their data, and enrich contacts with social profile information such as interests and photos. “We’re not only a software solution. We’re also an embedded contact management solution for every software solution,” says Scott Brave, FullContact’s CTO. “FullContact is able to accurately identify, update, synchronize, and enhance contact information about people and companies, so professionals and enterprises can stay fully connected, spend less time and money on contact management, and focus on the relationships behind the contacts.”

The FullContact APIs allow their customers to better manage the contact information they collect from the typical scattered variety of sources such as online forms, social media interactions, marketing systems, customer records, customer support interactions, and selling processes. “To deliver a complete set of user information to our customers, we match our customer’s existing data to public information from a variety of sources. This is what we call ‘general enrichment’,” says Brave.

FullContact enables its users to track and merge their duplicate contacts and safely sync them within a single application or between multiple applications and platforms. The firm works with a mission of allowing companies to fully-connect and master their contacts by providing contact identity resolution, enrichment, and insights. FullContact’s range of API endpoints include public Person data and Company data, as well as specialized APIs to structure a company’s Email, Name, Location, and Business Card data. “We’re very user-friendly for API developers,” notes Brave. “We can support a variety of API responses as well as Webhooks.”

FullContact also offers a set of individual address book applications to help professionals manage their personal contacts.
The FullContact applications act like an intelligent address book that can sync, de-duplicate, and merge contacts between devices and email accounts.The address book applications can also enrich contacts with social profile information including photos, social handles, and influencer scores. The FullContact interface is simple to use and allows users to tag, add notes, edit, and enter information.

FullContact is able to accurately identify, update,synchronize, and enhance contact information about people and companies, so professionals and enterprises can stay fully connected, spend less time and money on contact management, and focus on the relationships behind the contacts

The firm’s ability to manage contacts across platforms and work around areas such as BYOD and IT policy enables them to stand ahead of the competition. With the aim of extending its services to every company that wants to be awesome with people, FullContact will soon be releasing more services including new applications for Mac and Android devices.

Another notable aspect of FullContact’s business is its commitment to data privacy and security. Since the inception of the company, they have been thinking deeply about privacy and control–a key topic when dealing with sensitive contact data. It’s an important topic to everyone that works at FullContact and their continuous conversation about it is an important part of their company culture. To help their users understand how FullContact thinks about privacy and control, and in the interest of total transparency, they put together a privacy summary they call the Five Laws of Privacy and published it to their website.


Denver, CO

Scott Brave, CTO

Delivers a contact platform,enriches and tiestogether scattered data from different sources