Onegini: Innovating Security Authentication for Mobile Apps

Denis Joannides, Founder and CEO
Due to the present mobile explosion fueled by increased enterprise apps, forward-looking companies are embracing mobile strategies, while experiencing digital transformation. However, the mobile apps are running outside the confines of corporate networks and are accessing services across the public Internet, exposing them to potentially huge security vulnerabilities. CIOs today, struggle with mobile API (Application Programming Interface) security and the need for sophisticated authentication to access personal data across various verticals. Onegini's Mobile Security Platform provides organizations with all the security elements needed for creating secure mobile apps such as device registration, mobile login, API security, and push authentication.“Our focus is to add security on top of an organization’s API, making sure that no personal information is compromised,” says Denis Joannides, Founder and CEO, Onegini. The four steps to build a secure mobile app on top of API is to create the APIs, install Onegini’s Mobile Security Platform, use the platform and build app using the iOS, Android or Windows Phone SDK, and eventually to deploy and run it.

Onegini presents solutions for organizations in order to implement their e-business strategy securely and efficiently. Joannides explains, “E-business is growing rapidly. With the rising popularity of mobile Internet and social media, customers increasingly want to interact with enterprises at any time, with any device.” As security is the key focus among organizations, sometimes it is difficult for customers and business partners to connect with organizations’ services and access enterprise data. “Our aim is to combine ‘security and convenience’ in order to allow the best online user experience,” adds Joannides. “We make sure that security becomes simple for the organizations and we offer a solution, rather a technology.”

With Onegini, the customers can access a organizations' services securely on any mobile device. Once the customer has registered their mobile app, they can log in using a PIN, fingerprint or any other authentication method for extra security. “An organization need not burden their mobile application developers with security anymore as Onegini’s Mobile Security Platform can be easily integrated into any IT infrastructure,” affirms Joannides.
“An organization offering services that needs to be secured with a login can easily opt for Onegini’s Secure Social Login solution that combines social login with the latest security standards.”The company makes it a point to include new social identity providers. They also provide Multi-Factor Authentication where no one-time codes via SMS or no extra tokens are needed for secure authentication via the web, as the mobile app is the second factor authentication.

We combine security and convenience in order to enable the best online user experience

According to Joannides, OAuth is becoming the standard for access management with REST APIs. But, OAuth can also be complex to set up given the number of actors, token formats, transports, management, logging, and security mechanisms required. The company helps organizations in safely exposing REST APIs for mobile apps to the internet. “Onegini offers powerful OAuth solutions to handle a range of new security and management challenges. It provides features such as access control, scope and grouping, track and trace, token revocation, dynamic device registration, and a secure gateway,” says Joannides. Onegini recently created a new consumer Identity Access Management (IAM) solution for the Dutch Railways to provide access to eight web portals and different mobile apps. The mobile app became the key in all transactions for millions of end-users owing to the high performance capabilities.

The company stands out from the crowd due to their single platform that provides out-of-the-box security solutions and cost saving methods. Joannides sees a rising need of security in the future and wants to work with his team to present the clients with inimitable resolutions.


Woerden, The Netherlands

Denis Joannides, Founder and CEO

Onegini delivers an easy to use solution including all the security standards and monitoring tools so the mobile Apps can access an enterprises’ data