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Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) are the new engine behind front-office, customer-facing applications and demand generation systems; enabling start-ups and enterprises alike to expand their reach into established and emerging markets. “Digital demand moves at the pace of the market, competition, and customer expectation, rather than the software cycle of traditional IT vendors; and the API-centric architecture has emerged to fill this gap,” says Dmitry Lelchuk, Founder and CTO, StreamScape Technologies.

Modern apps use APIs on the front-end to connect the client-facing (user experience) tier to back-end systems, process flows and data services; and back-end systems are often assembled from interconnected “micro-services”, wired together via APIs. Seamless, Yelp and Uber for example all use Google Maps as geo-location services for cars or restaurants and financial firms often use USPS services for customer address verification.

StreamScape helps businesses capitalize on the value of an API-centric architecture by accelerating development and providing critical DevOps tools for API authoring and governance

As with any technology’s paradigm shift, cost and time-to-market play a major role in proper adoption. StreamScape helps businesses capitalize on the value of an API-centric architecture by accelerating development and providing critical DevOps tools for API authoring and governance.

StreamScape’s Reactive Data Platform™ is a data aggregation and analytics technology that complements any existing IT tool set. Built-in API authoring allows a business to easily expose any existing back-end system, process or data as a secure and customizable web-based API, without writing custom code or changing existing apps. Organizations of all sizes can prototype quickly and realize the potential of an API-centric approach without compromising security or sacrificing performance of their back-end systems.

The platform’s unique capabilities allow users to easily build data services for collecting and analyzing data from any source in Application Dataspaces™.
Dmitry Lelchuk, Founder & CTO
A dataspace is a secure, mostly-memory store for collections of structured or unstructured data that may be queried via web API or standard SQL. Content may be pushed to a dataspace by API calls, external data streams, message systems like Kafka and RabbitMQ or proxy API calls made to web apps (ie. Salesforce), allowing for ‘on-demand aggregation’ of critical data across disparate sources.

Unlike many other technologies that were adapted to support new programming techniques, like single page applications (SPA) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and standards such as Web Sockets or OData, the Reactive Data Platform™ was purpose-built to support modern web application development and DevOps with API versioning, security, and governance. It enforces developer best practices and allows smaller teams to be very effective at developing resilient, scalable, and componentized applications.

As example, a personalized finance company specializing in the needs of academic workers wanted to modernize a file-based batch system for Trade Order submission. It would convert the costly and error-prone ETL-based (Extract, Transform, and Load) solution to a lightweight stream-based process and allow the resulting data be consumed as APIs by web applications and devices representing various incarnations of executive dashboards. StreamScape Data Aliasing allowed the client to support multi-version API calls and expose results as versioned JSON or XML allowing the customer to create multiple views of the same data and use it across a variety of APIs, mobile devices and web applications without changing the underlying systems.

“We intend to continue offering the next generation of application resource tools that allow users to take advantage of the API economy,” says Lelchuk. The company’s focus is on web-based application development, aggregation & query engines, integration with Ops tools and version control services as well as reactive data processing techniques. “We are currently working with Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and other cloud providers as well as data storage partners like MongoDB, Hadoop, Cassandra, and application vendors such as Salesforce to make this happen,” concludes Lelchuk.

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Dmitry Lelchuk, Founder & CTO

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